To relieve your stress, re-energize, relax and recharge.

30 minutes / $40
60 minutes / $85

traditional massage

Reduce insomnia, fatigue, blood circulation and increase metabolism, revitalize aging mechanism, accelerate the growth of bone matrix.

60 minutes / $50

Foot reflexology

This Chinese massage called "an-ma" is a form of therapy first practiced over centuries in Asia. This technique uses stretching, kneading, percussion at specific pressure points to stimulate the meridians flow and organ functions to promote Yin/Yang balance in the body.

60 minutes / $85

Acupressure massage

Shiatsu is translated as "finger pressure." It is a gentle Japanese therapy, increasing circulation and restoring energy balances in the body. Shiatsu treatments stimulate the body's natural healing abilities, relieving toxins, and relaxing muscles and improving circulation.

60 minutes / $85

Shiatsu massage

Qigong is a Chinese practice of energy healing art. This technique combined with acupressure nourishes your circulation of chi energy centers, balancing the physical and psychological aspects of one's being into a way of life.

60 minutes / $95

Qigong massage

This is a traditional Western therapeutic massage based on the concepts of anatomy and physiology. It employs the techniques of effleurage, petrissage, percussion, friction and vibration. It is effective in helping increase metabolism and improves the detoxifying functions of the lymphatic system, hasten healing, and bring the balance of homeostatic.

60 minutes / $85

swedish massage